Where Can I Ask Pregnancy Questions?

Mayo Clinic advises pregnant women to ask their doctors and other healthcare providers questions at every stage of their pregnancy, including during labor and delivery. In addition, websites such as BabyZone and Pregnancy.org provide panels of experts to answer pregnancy questions online.

WebMD encourages every pregnant woman to make sure to ask her obstetrician about her due date, the need for prenatal vitamins, weight gain during pregnancy, remedies for morning sickness, sex during pregnancy, activities and foods to participate in or to avoid while pregnant and any issues that put her at high risk while pregnant. Pregnant women should also ask their doctors if symptoms they are experiencing are normal, when they should call their doctors and how to avoid worrying during pregnancy.

Mayo Clinic encourages pregnant women to ask for explanations of what is happening all through their pregnancies. Women should call their doctors with questions between appointments and not settle for answers they do not understand or worry their doctors do not have time to answer their questions. Women who are in labor should tell their partners to ask questions on their behalf.

In addition to asking questions of a personal physician, pregnant women can also ask questions on pregnancy-related websites and review the many questions already asked. BabyZone includes answers to questions regarding topics as diverse as eating sushi while pregnant, problems with ultrasounds and conceiving after a miscarriage. Pregnancy.org provides an array of experts, including doulas, midwives and ultrasound experts, ready to answer pregnant women's questions.