Where Can You Ask Doctors Questions About Health for Free?


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ZocDoc and HealthTap are a couple of websites where you can ask doctors questions about health for free. These websites feature doctors from a variety of medical institutions but should only be used for general information rather than diagnostics.

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ZocDoc offers answers from doctors who work in institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center and Boston Children's Hospital. The website has an additional service for users to search for health care providers based on location and specialty to get answers at an in-person appointment.

To talk to a doctor for free on the HealthTap website, either download the phone app or use the online service. Users ask doctors anonymous questions and receive answers from working physicians. The website has an option for a paid plan and a free plan, with different features for each. The free feature includes answers to questions from health care professionals.

While users get basic information from doctors for free on these two services, both ZocDoc and HealthTap explain that the information given by doctors on their websites are for educational purposes and general information only. Information obtained from these websites is not a substitute for an in-person diagnosis from a trained doctor. If you have a serious medical concern or emergency, contact emergency services or schedule an appointment to see a physician in person, says ZocDoc.

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