Can I Ask a Doctor a Question for Free?

Can I Ask a Doctor a Question for Free? and are two of many websites available where the user can ask a certified medical professional a question free and confidentially. Both websites list the doctors who answer submitted questions and their credentials, most from top medical institutions such as John Hopkins Hospital and Cleveland Clinic.

Both websites claim that answers to questions are provided for general information purposes only and are not a substitute for professional advice. Illnesses are complex and very difficult to diagnose without a proper physical examination. Determining the best course for treatment is problematic, and online medical professionals to not have the ability to prescribe medications. claims its mission is to give everyone affordable access to healthcare, and it exists to ensure everyone maintains that right. It also provides the National Institute for Health questions for research. acts as an online medical database with additional features such as an online listing of medical providers by region that match up with specific insurance providers, and a tool that allows patients to book appointments online.