How Can Arthritis Be Treated Naturally?


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Arthritis can be treated naturally with hot and cold therapy, potentially with magnets, by losing weight, by increasing exercise, by utilizing acupuncture treatments, by getting massages, by eating tumeric and through increasing fatty acid intake with fish oil supplements reports Arthritis Today and Healthline. While many people with severe arthritis also need to take medications to relieve pain, natural treatments will often reduce the amount of medication needed by alleviating many of the painful symptoms.

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Tumeric is one of the simplest natural remedies that people can implement at home. The Indian spice helps to reduce the inflammation in the body associated with arthritis and simply needs to be ingested when the person eats. Patients are advised to add the spice to their dishes, according to Healthline.

One of the most common natural remedies is hot and cold therapy. Hot and cold therapy is often used for other injuries as well such as torn muscles and migraines. It is recommended that the person alternate between applying a heating pad and applying a cold compress, according to WebMD.

Another important natural treatment is increasing exercise, which can lead to weight loss and can help reduce inflammation. Exercise works to keep the joints in the body flexible, as stated by Healthline. It is recommended, however, that people suffering from arthritis choose low-impact exercise options such as swimming.

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