How Can You Apply for a Senior Citizen Card?

To apply for an AARP card, fill out and submit an application form on, and pay for a five-, three- or one-year membership. Applicants can also submit a form by mail to AARP, 601 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20049. As of September 2015, AARP has replaced older plastic cards with bar-coded magnetic cards. Members don't have to reapply for replacement cards.

Members who lose their cards may print replacement cards from the Membership section of They can also request that a new card be mailed to them. Lost cards do not compromise personal or financial information, since they are only associated with a member's name and membership number. The organization automatically sends out new AARP cards to anyone who renews their membership. Additionally, seniors can add a spouse or partner's name to a card, which enables them to receive discounts as well.

The major benefits of an AARP card are discounts on food, hotel rooms, airline tickets, and other consumer goods and services. Members can present the card at restaurants, pharmacies and cinemas. The card can also be entered on participating websites for discounts. Seniors can use AARP cards to save money on cellular plans, home security systems, car rentals, cruises and tourism services.

AARP also offers health care savings programs to enhance members' existing insurance plans. For example, the Hearing Care Program offers discounts on digital hearing aids, hearing testing and hearing aid fittings. The Prescription Discount Program allows members to save on prescription drugs, including those not covered by regular health insurance. The Vision Discounts Program, which is provided through EyeMed, enables members to receive discounts on eyeglasses at participating retailers.