Can Anyone Recommend Some Beneficial Exercises for Relieving the Pain of Sciatica?


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Exercises that can relieve sciatica pain include stretching by bringing the knee to the chest while lying on the floor, and performing back extensions by laying face down and pushing the elbows into the ground to lift up the chest. Stretching the hamstrings can also relieve sciatica pain.

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To relieve sciatica pain, it is important to stretch the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. This stops the nerve from becoming irritated, resulting in less pain.

Stretching the gluteus muscles, which are found in the buttocks, is important for releasing pressure on the sciatic nerve. To stretch these muscles, the patient should lie on her back. One knee should be bent, and the opposite foot crossed over and rested on the thigh. The bent knee should then be gently pulled towards the upper body until a stretch is felt in the buttocks.

Another stretch that can potentially reduce the pain of sciatica is called the sciatic mobilization stretch. To perform this stretch, the patient lies on her back, with a pillow behind the head and knees bent. While keeping the neck and chest relaxed, one knee is moved upwards towards the chest. The patient holds the leg up, while slowly straightening the knee.

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