Can Anxiety Cause Tingling in Your Feet?


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Anxiety disorders can produce tingling in the feet as well as hands, according to WebMD. Other common signs that someone suffers from anxiety include feelings of fear or panic, dizziness, sleep problems, muscle tension and nausea. Sweaty or cold feet or hands, dry mouth and heart palpitations may also occur.

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Can Anxiety Cause Tingling in Your Feet?
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An anxiety disorder causing tingling in the feet can fall under several different categories, explains WebMD. One common type of anxiety disorder is called panic disorder, which is characterized by sudden and repetitive feelings of terror that appear without warning. People who suffer from this type of anxiety may report feeling as though they are losing their minds or experiencing a heart attack during an episode.

Social anxiety disorder is another form of anxiety and involves intense feelings of unease and self-consciousness in social settings. A third type is called generalized anxiety disorder, the sufferers of which tend to be nervous and worry excessively and unrealistically, even at times when there is no identifiable reason for them to worry.

Tingling in the feet can result from numerous conditions other than anxiety, warranting proper diagnosis from a physician, notes WebMD. Other potential causes include B vitamin deficiencies, nerve-entrapment syndromes, infections, alcoholism and toxins. Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead are examples of toxins that can produce tingling.

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