Can Antacids Help Pancreatic Pain?

can-antacids-pancreatic-pain Credit: skhoward/E+/Getty Images

Antacids can help pancreatic pain, particularly during the convalescence phase after an attack of pancreatitis, explains HealthCentral. Acute pancreatitis often resolves on its own, and treatment focuses on allowing the pancreas to rest. During this time, the patient is often fed intravenously, with stomach acids removed through the nose.

Physicians often also prescribe painkillers and sometimes sedatives to deal with pancreatic pain, according to HealthCentral. Attacks of acute pancreatitis typically resolve in three to seven days. Doctors also sometimes prescribe pancreatic replacement therapy for patients showing signs of malabsorption. This therapy calls for patients to take eight pills during each meal to supply necessary digestive enzymes. Patients must also follow a strict diet.