Can Ankle Weights Make You Jump Higher?


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Ankle weights do not make you jump higher. Ankle weights can actually inhibit your jumping ability, as they will bind your legs down and make it harder for you to jump higher.

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If you are looking to jump higher, ankle weights will not help you accomplish your goals. It is a myth that ankle weights can increase the strength of your legs and help you achieve a higher jumping ability. All ankle weights do is add unnecessary weight, which makes it more difficult for you to jump high.

A medical study published by the journal Military Medicine revealed that there is a significantly higher chance of damaging your joints if you put weight farther out on your limbs.The same study also found that using ankle weights while jumping could result in major medical injuries like stress fractures and hyperextension of the knee.

Medical science proves that ankle weights are not only ineffective at increasing your ability to jump higher, but can also cause major damage to your body if they are not used properly. If you want to jump higher, it is far more beneficial for your body to do exercises that increase the strength of the muscles in your thighs, calves and glutes.

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