How Can Anemia Be Prevented?


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Some types of anemia, such as ones caused by iron or vitamin deficiencies, are preventable with changes in diet, according to the Mayo Clinic. Individuals with these types of anemia can increase the intake of iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B-12. However, not all types of anemia are preventable.

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Most people with anemia caused by iron or vitamin deficiencies are able to get the required nutrients from the foods they eat, notes the Office on Women's Health. Foods high in iron include red meat, fortified cereals, green, leafy vegetables and dried fruits. Beans, tofu, fish and oysters are other good sources. In order to increase the absorption of iron, it helps to consume citrus fruits or other sources of vitamin C along with the foods containing iron. Coffee, tea and calcium supplements interfere with iron absorption.

Some people require iron supplements to prevent anemia, reports the Office on Women's health. The body is able to absorb ferrous forms of the supplement better than the ferric forms. Splitting supplements and consuming them throughout the day with food provides better absorption than taking them all at once. Beginning with half the dose and building to the recommended dose allows the body to build tolerance to the negative side effects of the medication. If taking one type of supplement causes problems, switching to another form is sometimes helpful.

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