What Can You Do to Alleviate Neck Pain?


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Ways to alleviate neck pain at home include massaging the area, performing stretching and strengthening exercises, taking pain relievers and practicing overall positive health habits, according to WebMD. It may also be helpful to apply heat or ice, although there is a lack of strong evidence supporting this practice.

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Movement, when possible, is helpful in managing neck pain, but it is important not to engage in any activities that worsen the pain or stiffness, explains WebMD. Stretching and strengthening exercises help prevent stiffness by maintaining neck flexibility and strength. Any behaviors that seem to directly cause the neck pain, such as sitting at a computer for long stretches of time or doing work that involves looking up for a long time, should be modified or avoided to the extent possible. Massaging or rubbing the neck with the hands can help lessen pain by promoting blood flow to the area. Another option is to receive a professional massage.

Some healthy lifestyle changes that may help alleviate neck pain include engaging in aerobic exercise, quitting smoking and finding ways to reduce stress, notes WebMD. Walking is an example of an aerobic exercise that does not place much strain on the neck. Smoking can prolong the healing process for neck problems because it slows tissue repair and restricts blood supply.

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