What Can You Do to Help an Alcoholic?


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To help an alcoholic, learn more about alcoholism, concentrate on personal actions, encourage treatment, and allow the person to assume responsibility for the condition, explains About.com. Other ways to help an alcoholic include living a normal life and rejecting the alcoholic's empty promises.

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Learning about alcoholism is one way to help an addict, as it can ensure some level of understanding about what the alcoholic is going through, claims About.com. It is also useful to start moving focus away from the alcoholic, and instead focus on personal actions and reactions. Also, start encouraging treatment when appropriate, but know that it's possible for the addict to reject this encouragement.

Allow the alcoholic to assume responsibility for the alcoholism, recommends About.com. It is important to not help the addict out of situations that develop due to the disease. Don't create conditions, but don't help the addict out of a condition, either. It can also help to start living a normal lifestyle as much as possible, and do not buy into the addict's blaming game.

Other ways to help an alcoholic include attending Al-Anon meetings and setting boundaries, states About.com. Don't get caught up in the lifestyle of an alcoholic, and do not accept an alcoholic's behavior.

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