How Can You Get Alcohol Out of Your System?

The only absolute thing that can remove alcohol from your system is time. Alcohol is processed by your body at a certain rate. There are however, some things that you can do that can help your body with the task of processing all of the alcohol.

According to, alcohol is processed by your body at an almost exact rate of .016 BAC (blood alcohol content) per hour. The site also details that if your BAC is at a .24, you will still be legally drunk for 10 more hours.

Drinking alcohol can result in your body feeling sluggish and your head feeling pain the next day. Speeding up your metabolism can move the process of burning off all of the alcohol along and can help you begin to feel better. A good way to do this is to exercise. Although it may be difficult and painful, if you are able to go for a jog or participate in some type of exercise that will get your blood pumping, you will increase your metabolism and process the alcohol quicker. Another very important thing to do when trying to rid your body of alcohol is to drink lots of water. says that the water will help dilute the alcohol and push it through faster.