Where Can I Find Affordable Dentures for Seniors?

Where Can I Find Affordable Dentures for Seniors?

Senior citizens can find affordable dentures by subscribing to a dental discount program or seeking treatment at a dental school. They can also take advantage of programs that help medically disadvantaged populations such as senior citizens, veterans and low-income individuals find affordable care, according to the Daily Record.

Dental discount programs charge a modest subscription fee in exchange for discounts of up to 60 percent on dental services from the dentists in their networks, the Daily Record explains. The plans may cover services that dental insurance often doesn't, such as cosmetic dentistry, notes DentalPlans.com. The plans have no maximum benefits.

All accredited U.S. dental schools offer discounted dental services, states the Daily Record. Care is provided by dentistry students who work under the supervision of their professors.

Veterans with VA health care benefits and beneficiaries of the Civilian Health and Medical Program may purchase discounted dental insurance from private insurance providers, states the Daily Record. This insurance may offer discounted dentures.

Tooth Wisdom educates seniors about dental health and helps them find dental care. Its website allows seniors to search for local Health Resources and Services Administration centers that can help them find affordable services.

Although Medicare doesn't cover dentures, some Medicare Advantage programs offer discounts on dental services seniors need before and after they get their dentures, eHealth Medicare notes.