How Can Adults Obtain Free Eyeglasses?


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Adults can get free eyeglasses from organizations such as New Eyes for the Needy. Government agencies, such as Medicare, also provide free or low-income eyeglasses and eye exams.

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New Eyes for the Needy doesn't give out the glasses itself, but it gives vouchers to people in need of free glasses. The person is then able to bring the voucher to a participating optometrist for his exam and prescription eyeglasses.

Medicare offers eye exams and discount eyeglasses for certain groups of people, including seniors, people with glaucoma and people with diabetes. Some Medicare plans require the patient to pay some money for the exam or eyeglasses, while others can get them for free.

Other organizations that offer free or low-income eye exams include EyeCare America, Lion Clubs International and VISION USA.

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