Where Can Adults With Asperger's Syndrome Find Appropriate Treatment?


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There are a number of treatment methods for adults with Asperger's syndrome, and patients can learn more by talking to their doctors, according to About.com. Some common treatment methods are cognitive therapy, vocational therapy and sensory integration therapy.

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Many adults diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome do not seek out treatment of any kind or use do-it-yourself treatment, explains About.com. In this case, individuals use books, conferences and support groups to treat themselves without a medical professional. If an individual wishes to work with a medical professional, typically he works towards personal goals and does a life map based on where he wants his life to lead. He may also talk about how he can better interact with family and friends.

Other therapy, such as cognitive therapy, may also work well for adults with Asperger's syndrome, states About.com. Vocational training also may be helpful, especially if the individual needs job placement or coaching. Sensory integration therapy is a type of therapy done with children, but it also works well with adults who are hypersensitive to sound or light. Social skills therapy is also important, as many adults with Asperger's syndrome may feel awkward in social situations, and this therapy can help them feel more at ease.

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