How Can an Adult Brother and Sister Best Maintain Their Relationship?

How Can an Adult Brother and Sister Best Maintain Their Relationship?

Ways for an adult brother and sister to maintain a relationship include using technology to communicate and scheduling visits to see each other. If one or both siblings have a spouse, the other should try to become friends with that spouse too.

Programs that offer video chatting, such as Skype and FaceTime, allow siblings that live far apart to see each other. Siblings can communicate quickly by text message. Social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow a sibling to provide updates about his life and keep up with his sibling's life as well.

An in-person meeting can bring back memories and strengthen childhood bonds. This could include a family get-together or a trip somewhere new. Siblings should spend time with each other during both good and difficult times.

By keeping in touch with his sister's spouse, a sibling opens the lines of communication with both. His sister may also appreciate that her spouse is being accepted and welcomed.

Part of maintaining a sibling relationship as adults involves forgiving arguments from the past. If both siblings disagree on a certain topic, such as politics or religion, they may want to avoid discussing it. Siblings shouldn't compare their relationship to other siblings, as every family is different.