How Can You Adjust the Nose Pads on a Pair of Glasses?

can-adjust-nose-pads-pair-glasses Credit: PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

To adjust the nose pads on a pair of glasses, lightly bend the arms holding the plastic pads, or loosen the screws holding the pads to adjust their angle. Be sure to hold the frames securely by the bridge.

  1. Gather tools

    A micro screwdriver is necessary if you desire to adjust the angle of each pad.

  2. Loosen the pads

    To adjust the general placement of the pads, hold the bridge securely, and gently bend the metal arms into place. For more specific tweaking, loosen the screws of each pad, and adjust the angles to your liking.

  3. Try out your newly adjusted glasses

    Before re-tightening the pads, always check to make sure you are satisfied.