Where Can You Find an Accurate Sugar Chart?


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A chart of good blood sugar levels for most people can be found on MedicineNet. A chart displaying target blood sugar levels for diabetics is found on WebMD. A blank blood sugar chart for recordings can be found on Healthline.

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A record of blood sugar readings can complement medical tests, according to Healthline. Record blood sugars multiple times a day on a regular basis for consistency. Keeping track of meals and other factors that can affect blood sugar is also beneficial. These factors include weather changes, illnesses, activity level changes, dirty meters and infection. Medications and dosages taken, what foods eaten and details about exercise are also important to note, as recommended by WebMD.

Keeping track of blood sugar is important to help prevent blood sugar that is too high or too low, according to Healthline. Diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels are too high. A blood sugar record can detect diabetes and also helps a doctor determine whether or not medication is required. People who do not take insulin may develop a need for it over time, for instance. Records also help a doctor determine whether a certain medication is effective or whether a change in treatment is needed.

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