How Can Accu-Chek Meters Facilitate or Assist in the Management of Diabetes?


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Accu-Chek meters assist in the management of diabetes by providing information on how the blood sugar is affected by the activities in which one engages. This information can be used to help a person stay on track with a blood-sugar target range, according to the company website.

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Testing blood sugar on a daily basis with Accu-Chek meters enables one to keep track of the results, explains the company. The results can help answer questions such as whether the medications are working as they should. Blood sugar tracking can also show how the type and amount of food affects the blood sugar level. The daily blood sugar results can show whether activity or stress affects blood sugar. Answering these questions requires using the Accu-Chek meter to measure blood glucose at specific times over a short period.

According to Accu-Chek, target blood sugar levels recommended the American Diabetes Association are between 70 and 130 milligrams per deciliter before meals and below 180 milligrams per deciliter after meals, as of 2015. Everyone has his own blood sugar target range based on age, health and activity level. A review of the blood sugar results on the Accu-Chek meter memory can reveal patterns of highs and lows. This information can help the health care provider make adjustments to the diabetes management plan and bring the blood glucose closer to the target range.

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