How Can You Access the ACLS Provider Manual?

How Can You Access the ACLS Provider Manual?

Access the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider Manual by visiting the American Heart Association (AHA) website and buying this reference material directly from the site. This primer can be used in either a classroom or clinical setting, notes

The ACLS Provider Manual, which was developed by the AHA, imparts critical information to students enrolled in the ACLS Provider course. This handbook is also intended for medical professionals who are involved in the area of cardiovascular care, states As of 2015, the ACLS manual is available for online purchase at AHA for around $35. Purchase a copy of this learning tool in electronic book form by following the steps provided.

  1. Navigate to AHA's website
  2. Open an Internet browser and go to AHA's website at Scroll down the home page and click on the "eBooks" link under the "Our Sites" header.

  3. Find the ACLS Provider Manual
  4. Use the site's search feature to locate the ACLS manual. Input the keywords "Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual" in the search text field and click on the search icon to proceed.

  5. Purchase the manual
  6. Select from the list of search results and click on the matching product. Place a check mark beside the displayed price and click on "Add to Cart." Follow further instructions to complete the buying process.

It should be noted that only users who are logged in to their AHA accounts can purchase the ACLS Provider Manual. Additionally, this product is compatible with desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.