How Can You Get Abs Without Equipment?


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According to Fitness Blender, getting abs without equipment involves dynamic exercises that work multiple groups of muscles. This sort of technique results in a better calorie burn that relying on crunches alone.

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Fitness Blender recommends the following exercises that are meant to be completed within six minutes. The first exercise is plank half jacks. This involves doing jumping jack motions from a planking position, doing half planks if the full planks are too difficult. The site recommends 10 plank half jacks per side of the body. The next exercise is the full body fly. This involves lying on one's back and extending arms into a "V" position and back 14 times. This is followed by the airplane, which involves leaning back on a mat, extending arms out, and twisting from side-to-side in a controlled motion 12 times. The next exercise is the plank up-and-out tuck, which involves going into a side plank position and bringing the knee of the top leg towards the elbow and then in front of the body eight times.

Fitness Blender continues with flutterkick crunches. These involve lying on one's back and rapidly scissoring legs from the ground straight overhead 20 times. The next exercise is knee tuck crunches, which involve leaning backwards on a mat and extending legs straight forward and then back again 20 times. Fitness Blender's final exercise is jackknife crisscross crunches. These involve lying flat on a mat with arms extended overhead, bringing arms and legs straight above the joints and then back down, followed by a crisscross crunch to each side.

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