Where Can You Find a 1600-Calorie Meal Plan for a Diabetic?


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Two useful resources for planning a 1600 calorie diabetic meal plan include DiabetesWellbeing.com and Diabetes-and-Lifestyle.com. DiabetesWellbeing.com offers a 1600-calorie menu to help diabetics plan out portions from each food group and when to eat them, while Diabetes-and-Lifestyle.com provides an example of what a 1600-calorie diabetic meal looks like.

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The 1600-calorie diabetic meal plan includes seven starches, six meats, four servings of vegetables, three fruits and two dairy servings, in addition to three healthy fats. Diabetes Wellbeing's 1600-calorie menu helps diabetics to plan what to eat for five meals per day, including three major meals and two snacks based on personal need.

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