How Can You Get 15-Inch Biceps?


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Large biceps are one of the most visible signs of strength. However, in order to get these "trophy muscles," it is not just a matter of working out. You will have to be strict with yourself and eat the right foods order to meet your large bicep goals.

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How Can You Get 15-Inch Biceps?
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  1. Create a routine

    The key to changing your body is creating an exercise schedule that you can stick to. In order to increase the size of your biceps you will need to target these muscles by alternating exercises such barbell curls, pull ups and hammer curls. Create a routine that allows you to work these muscles hard (3 sets of 12 repetitions is ideal for each exercise) but doesn't overexert your body or cause injury.

  2. Eat the right foods

    Nutrition is also an integral part of muscle building. If you plan to make muscle gains, you will need to eat more calories then usual. Most of your calories should come from lean protein sources and carbohydrates. A meal of chicken breast and rice shouldn't be unusual. Also consider protein powders and supplements.

  3. Know the limits of your body

    You won't make any gains if you injure yourself in the first week of working out. Most serious body builders alternate which muscle groups they focus on from day to day, therefore, working your biceps more than four times per week will likely be excessive. If you feel joint pain, stop doing the exercise. If you feel the tightening and fatigue that comes from lactic acid build up, then you have reached your limit for the day. Working a muscle past the point of exhaustion will only increase your risk of injury. However, if you stick to your routine, stay safe, and eat right, you are sure to see an increase in the size of your biceps.

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