What Is in a Camping First Aid Kit ?


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A camping first aid kit should include a small flashlight, sharp scissors, quality tweezers and a penknife, recommends WebMD. The kit should also contain many different types of bandages, gauze and sterile pads. It is a good idea to bring a water purification kit or a bottle of iodine tablets.

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What Is in a Camping First Aid Kit ?
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The first aid kit should include a topical antibiotic ointment and plenty of antiseptic solution to treat any cuts or abrasions, states WebMD. Moleskin can be useful for treating blisters. To prevent insect bites, bring an insect repellent that contains DEET. Hydrocortisone cream can be used to alleviate itching.

A camping first aid kit should also include medication for diarrhea, such as Pepto-Bismol tablets or Imodium, notes WebMD. To prevent hydration, it is prudent to bring electrolyte powder that can be mixed with purified water.

It is important to bring extra prescription medications, recommends WebMD. The camping first aid kit should also contain sunscreen, a hat and clothing to prevent sunburn. Bring a burn ointment to treat sunburn or campfire burn and ibuprofen for pain relief. Before going on a camping trip, it may be beneficial to take a first aid class. Consider any special health needs anyone else going on the trip may have, and accommodate them accordingly.

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