Which Has More Calories, a Cup of Rice or a Cup of Pasta?


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A cup of dry macaroni pasta has 390 calories compared to a cup of dry long-grain white rice at 374 calories, as state by the United States Department of Agriculture. However, there are many types of rice and pasta available to eat.

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When trying to stick close to a diet it is important to keep an eye on caloric intake, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Find out how many calories a meal has before eating and if possible swap out high calorie ingredients for lower calorie options. When it comes to rice versus pasta, the latter is usually the higher calorie food. Pasta has more fat and much more protein compared to rice.

However, the high protein, 13.69 grams, in pasta may help people feel fuller longer compared to rice. If rice is preferred, consider going with brown, which has a little more fiber, 3.5 grams, than white rice, at 1.8 grams. One cup of dry long-grain brown rice also has a little more protein at 7.94 grams compared to white rice at 7.51 grams. Brown rice even comes in at 370 calories, fewer than the same amount of white rice.

Should pasta be the favorite choice, consider going with whole-grain dry macaroni. Whole-grain pasta has about 365 calories per cup, 8.7 grams of fiber and 15.36 grams of protein.

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