How Does a Calorie-Shifting Diet Work?


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When utilizing the calorie-shifting diet, people consume greatly differing amounts of calories on different days, says Calorie Secrets. The diet is supposed to confuse the human metabolism and thereby kick-start metabolic activity and weight loss. On low-calorie days, calorie-shifting dieters may lack personal energy.

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Theoretically, It is possible to use the calorie-shifting diet in tandem with any other type of diet, according to Calorie Secrets. Besides greatly varying their calorie intakes on different days of the week, dieters vary their weekly calorie goals. Athletes and bodybuilders often utilize this type of diet. According to a study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people on the calorie-shifting diet can effectively lose weight; however, the calorie-shifting diet doesn't spur weight loss any more than a traditional diet with daily calorie goals that don't vary.

The calorie-shifting diet is a fairly flexible diet that suits a wide variety of dieting needs, but the complexity of this diet may prevent some from maintaining the diet for the long term, says Calorie Secrets. Executing this diet correctly requires professional meal plans or good information on the caloric information of many foods. When following some calorie-shifting diets, people may go without needed nutrients on low-intake days.

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