How Does the Calorie Count of Diet Drinks Compare to Regular Drinks?


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Diet drinks, specifically soda products containing aspartame, generallyhave 0 caloriescompared to the estimated 136 calories in a 12-ounceregular cola bottle, as reported by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The artificial sweeteners contained in diet soft drinks typicallydo not add calories to an individual's diet, as stated by Mayo Clinic.Aside from aspartame, other commonartificial sweeteners includesaccharin and sucralose.

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A person who drinks a 20-ounce bottle of regular cola in combination with a meal during lunch timewill have an intake of 227 calories compared to a zerocalorie intake from drinking diet soda. However, certain diet drinks purported to be calorie-free may in fact contain calories as some manufacturers do not include a calorie count in their nutrition facts label, as suggested by CDC.

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