How Do You Calm Nerves?


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According to Calm Clinic, nerves can be quelled by intercepting bad thoughts using activities such as exercising, journaling, watching a pleasant television program, listening to music or talking to a close friend or family member. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, positive affirmations and muscle relaxation techniques also calm the mind and body.

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Shana Lebowitz from Greatist recommends calming the nerves using foods and beverages, such as honey, green tea and chocolate. These items reduce inflammation in the body, alleviate stress and contribute to a sense of peace. People can also engage in various forms of self-massage to activate pressure points on the body that are linked to serenity. These include squeezing a stress ball, pressing on the skin between the thumb and index finger and performing a hand massage with a soothing lotion or cream.

Lebowitz explains that a person's environment is often the cause of fraught nerves, so a change of scenery is a great way to break the cycle of tension. Spending time outdoors or finding a quiet spot to relax in solace are great ways to invite the mind to unwind. Lebowitz also recommends finding a fun activity, such as reading a book or completing a crossword puzzle, to stimulate the mind and get it focused away from stressful thoughts.

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