Do Calluses on the Bottom of Your Foot Cause Pain?


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Calluses on the bottom of the feet usually do not cause pain but may cause pain while walking or wearing shoes, states WebMD. Applying other types of pressure to calluses can also cause pain. However, most calluses are actually less sensitive to touch than other parts of the skin.

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Calluses are due to repeatedly applying pressure or friction to a specific part of skin, states WebMD. Over time, the pressure causes skin to die and form a hard surface. Calluses on feet are usually due to wearing footwear, walking or running. Most foot calluses do not require treatment unless there are symptoms of pain. To ease pain from foot calluses, individuals should wear larger footwear sizes as well as additional foot padding. Individuals can also reduce the size of the callus by soaking the callus in hot water or applying salicylic acid.

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