What Is It Called When Your Lungs Are Drying Up?

Lungs that are drying up could be caused by a condition called pulmonary sarcoidosis, which is caused by inflammation. This condition causes the lungs to have scar tissue known as pulmonary fibrosis, which affects the function of the lungs and causes breathing problems, as stated by the American Lung Association.

The main cause of sarcoidosis is not known. It is believed that it is a disease of the immune system that occurs due to poor functioning of the body's natural defense system. Others also believe that the condition is caused by a respiratory infection caused by a virus.

This condition can affect any part of the body, but 90 percent of the cases affect the lungs, according to the American Lung Association. Other parts that can be affected by sarcoidosis include the eyes, spleen, skin, kidneys, heart, liver, nervous system and lymph glands. Fortunately, the condition usually heals on its own in time.

Some people do not notice that they have the condition. Sarcoidosis is common among people between 20 to 40 years of age, but can also affect anyone who is 60 years of age and older. In the U.S., African Americans have reported more cases than Caucasians.