What Are Some Calf Strain Treatments?


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According to About.com, the first treatment for a calf strain is a system of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Stretching exercises and the use of a foam roller are additional treatments for a calf strain.

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What Are Some Calf Strain Treatments?
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About.com states that discontinuing activities that could cause calf pain is the first step in treatment, and ice reduces swelling. Wrapping the calf applies pressure to the leg, which keeps blood from gathering in the foot, reduces pain and swelling and protects the calf from further injury. Elevation, especially during the first 24 hours of injury, is the final step of the R.I.C.E. treatment to be used while the calf muscle reattaches itself to the tendon. Anti-inflammatory medicines can also be incorporated into this treatment to further reduce pain.

About.com states that once the calf begins to heal, stretching exercises are necessary to elongate the calf muscle and prevent repeat injuries. Moderate stretches such as pulling the foot and toes up while keeping the legs straight for 10 seconds stretch the calf muscle, and self-massage with a foam roller improves blood flow and reduces scar tissue growth. Hooking a resistance band under the toes and slowly pointing the foot forward for 10 repetitions are more progressive stretching exercises, but one should always consult their physician for the right time to begin any stretching exercises.

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