What Calf Diseases Are Dangers to Humans As Well?


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A human and a calf can get anthrax, brucellosis and Q fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other conditions include tuburculosis, vesicular stomatitis, Escherichia coli and salmonellosis.

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A calf or a human contracts anthrax by inhaling or swallowing the Bacillus anthracis bacteria found in contaminated food, water or soil, and a human can contract the disease through contact with body fluids from a deceased infected animal. Brucellosis affects an animal's reproductive ability, and a human contracts the disease through contact with infected birthing tissues or by drinking unpasteurized milk. The Coxiella burnetii bacteria causes Q fever, and a calf or a human contracts the disease by contacting the urine, feces or birthing tissues of affected animals, explains the CDC.

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