How Do You Calculate Weight Watchers Activity Points?

You accumulate Weight Watchers activity points based on the exercises you perform. The points assess the value of your workout in burning calories. To calculate points, you need to determine your weight and the intensity and duration of the activity.

  1. Weigh yourself

    Your body weight is one of the factors in determining activity points. Be sure to use an accurate weight scale. Since activity points are only valid for one day, weigh yourself each day to calculate that day's activity points.

  2. Evaluate the intensity level of the activity

    Household chores, recreational activities and formal exercise all count towards activity points. Evaluate intensity levels in three categories of low, medium and high. During low-intensity activities, your breathing is regular, you are able to talk or sing and you do not break into a sweat. During medium-intensity activities, your breathing is deep, you can talk but not sing and you break into a sweat after about 10 minutes. During high-intensity activities, your breathing is deep and rapid, you can talk only briefly but cannot sing and you break into a sweat after only a few minutes.

  3. Time the duration of the activity

    Use a clock, timer or stopwatch to determine the amount of time the activity takes in minutes.

  4. Calculate the activity points

    To calculate your total activity points, use an online calculator or chart on the Weight Watcher website, or do it manually with a mathematical formula. For low-intensity activities, use the formula of body weight times minutes times 0.000232. For medium-intensity activities, use body weight times minutes times 0.000327. For high-intensity activities, use body weight times minutes times 0.0008077.