How Do You Calculate the Right Dose of Vitamin D3?


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The recommended dosage of vitamin D3 supplementation depends on the medical benefit that the patient hopes to achieve, according to Mayo Clinic. For cancer prevention, the regiment of supplements recommended for patients 18 years or older can include a 10,000-milligram dose of vitamin D3 ingested orally every four months. For prevention of heart disease, patients may take a 100,000 IU dose of vitamin D2 or D3 orally three times per year for up to three years.

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Vitamin D3 is used to aid cognition, by consuming 528 to 9,000 IU for between eight and 40 weeks. To decrease the likelihood of bone fractures, patients may consume 10 to 20 micrograms of vitamin D3 per day for between seven and 60 months. To increase the function of the immune system, patients can consume a daily oral dose of 40 IU vitamin D for up to 20 years, or they can take 100,000 IU twice a month for up to 12 months. On average, the ideal concentration of vitamin D in the blood is 20 nanograms per milliliter and this is obtainable by regular exposure of the skin to sunlight. Blood levels of vitamin D in excess of 50 nanograms per milliliter might cause health problems, states Mayo Clinic.

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