How Do You Calculate Points Plus Points in Weight Watchers?

To calculate Weight Watchers Plus points, purchase a WW Digital Points Calculator, available at WW meetings and on the WW website. When you input personal details, the calculator calculates your points allowance and balances. Multiple websites offer free, online versions of this calculator; however, because they are not sponsored by WW, users cannot be certain of accuracy. You can also calculate points manually using conversion factors.

To calculate WW Plus points manually, use the conversion factors set by WW. A female gets an initial score of two; a male gets a score of eight. Nursing mothers get a score of 12. Ages 17 to 26 receive a score of four, 27 to 37 receives a score of three, 38 to 47 receives a score of two, 48 to 58 receives a score of one and over 58 is zero.

Add to the initial score the first two digits of your current weight. Add one point if you're under 5 feet, 1 inch tall. If you're between 5 feet, 1 inch and 5 feet, 10 inches, add one more point, and add two points if you're taller than 5 feet, 10 inches.

The final category is activity level. If you sit most of the day, your score is zero. If you occasionally sits, your score is two. If you walk most of the time, your score is four, and if you perform a lot of physical labor, add six points.

Add all the scores from these steps together to get your daily points allowance. You also receive 35 "fun" points weekly.