How Do You Calculate Nutrition Facts?


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A nutrition label on a food product is used to calculate nutritional facts for that food product. The nutrition label includes the serving size, calories, nutrients and a footnote. The footnote includes a table to describe the Percent Daily Value. To calculate nutrition facts of a food product, read and analyze the nutrition label.

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  1. Read the serving size on the nutrition label

    Read the serving size at the top of the nutrition label to know how much is in one serving of the product, as well as how many servings are in the package. Use this information to know how many servings of a product you are eating.

  2. Calculate the calories you are consuming

    Read the amount of calories per serving of product on the label. Multiply the amount of calories by the number of servings your are eating.

  3. Find the nutrients in your product

    The next part of the nutrition label shows how much fat, cholesterol, and sodium are in the product per serving. Multiply the grams or milligrams of these nutrients by the amount of servings you are consuming. The label also lists the healthy nutrients in the product. Follow the same procedure to determine how much of the healthy nutrients you are consuming.

  4. Understand the footnote

    The footnote at the bottom of the nutrition label explains the Percent Daily Value. Use your Percent Daily Value to determine how much fat, sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrates and dietary fiber you are advised to consume daily. All nutrition labels are based on a 2000-calorie diet.

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