How Do You Calculate How Much You Should Weigh Based on How Tall You Are?


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To calculate how much you should weigh based on your height, enter your height on an ideal weight calculator, such as the one offered by superskinnyme.com as of March 2015. Other measures of overall health include BMI and waist to hip ratio.

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How Do You Calculate How Much You Should Weigh Based on How Tall You Are?
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Visit the Super Skinny Me home page, and click on Calculators. Click on Ideal Weight Calculator. Enter your height, frame size and gender. If you don't know your frame size, the calculator provides a function to determine it, as well as an ideal weight range.

BMI is based on height and weight. By using a BMI calculator, you can find out whether this formula classifies you as underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

To determine your waist to hip ratio, measure the smallest part of your waist and the largest part of your hips. Divide the former by the latter. A healthy number for men is less than 0.9, while a healthy number for woman is less than 0.8.

Calculations are not always an accurate method of determining ideal weight or overall health, as they don't account for differences in body composition. A person with a large amount of muscle mass may be above an ideal weight according to a weight calculator, despite having good health. Body fat percentage is a more reliable indicator of health, as it takes body composition into account.

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