How Do You Calculate Your Ideal Marriage Date?


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To calculate your ideal marriage date with the TIME marriage date Facebook application as of 2015, visit the TIME.com home page, and click the magnifying glass icon to display the search field. Perform a search for "TIME Can Predict Your Perfect Marriage Date," and then click that story on the search results page. Click Next on the application section of the story, log in to your Facebook account and proceed through the application process.

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The TIME application calculates the median age of a Facebook user's married friends, although it can only take into account friends who provide their date of birth and relationship status on Facebook. The application considers anyone with a relationship status of married, engaged, in a civil union or in a domestic partnership to be married. The application provides how far away the user is from his married friends' median age.

The TIME application uses the ages of married friends because a person's social circle influences when he gets married. Other calculators are available that use numerology to suggest wedding dates. For example, Phuture.Me provides a wedding date calculator that uses numerology to suggest wedding months and days based on a couples' birth dates. Although calculators can help a couple decide when to marry, each couple has their own process for choosing a wedding date, and different factors that play into their decision.

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