How Do You Calculate the Calories You Burn on an Elliptical Machine?


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To calculate the calories you burn on an elliptical machine, use an online calorie burn calculator. Enter the requested information about yourself and your workout into the calculator. Press Calculate to view your results.

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  1. Choose a fitness calorie calculator

    Do a Web search for “fitness calorie calculators," "calorie burn calculator" or a similar keyword phrase. Many websites offer free calculators that help you determine how many calories you burn when performing a specific exercise. As of January 2015, the websites for HealthStatus and Glamour magazine both offer calorie-burn calculators that include “elliptical trainer” as an exercise/activity option.

  2. Enter your personal information

    Enter the requested information into the calculator. This typically includes your gender, current weight and age. It might also include your height.

  3. Enter your workout details

    Select “elliptical trainer” as your exercise or activity. Enter the duration of your elliptical workout. Depending on the calculator used, you might also be asked to enter the intensity of your workout.

  4. Press Calculate

    Press the Calculate button to view your estimated calorie burn.

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