What Is a Calcified Hematoma?

According to Medical Base, calcified hematoma refers to the condition wherein calcium and different salts are deposited in a hematoma. Commonly called a bruise, a hematoma is the collection of blood in a specific part of the body because of an injury. When a person suffers from injury, blood vessels may be damaged, and blood may leak into the surrounding tissues.

Medical Base states that a calcified hematoma can be treated by applying ice packs to the affected area, cutting down on calcium intake, increasing water intake and administering cortisone injections, especially for severe cases. Application of ice packs to the painful areas with calcium deposits is an effective way to boost the recovery process. In addition to limiting the amount of calcium in meals, people with a calcified hematoma must also avoid calcium supplements.

According to Medical Base, sufferers must drink plenty of water to flush the excess salts and calcium from the body. Homeopathic medicines, such as Bryonia alba, Rhuta, and Rhus tox, are also effective in the prevention of calcification of hematoma and speeding up the rate by which extravasated blood gets reabsorbed. Engaging in exercise can also lessen joint stiffening, improve mobility and reduce calcium deposits.