What Is a "C" or Meso-Endo Body Type?


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According to 3FC, Michael Thurmond's meso-endo type C dieter resembles a rectangle in appearance. The original somatotype system of body shape classification uses three extreme shapes to describe all bodies. Endomorphs are round and solid, mesomorphs are muscular, and ectomorphs are slim linear shapes, says Encyclop?dia Britannica. Michael Thurmond took these ideas and adapted them to create a five-body-type system and a weight-loss plan for each body type.

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The Michael Thurmond six-week weight loss system is based on the idea that each person responds to foods differently. When eating for the correct body type, a dieter can eat more, exercise less and remain slim, says DietMad.com. The diet encourages eating vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. It also encourages physical activity; however, it is likely to be deficient in calcium and is very restrictive in nature.

EveryDiet.org reports that there is very little difference between eating plans for the different body types. Also, the diets are very low in calorie and the meal plans lack variety. Dieters will likely lose weight on the diet but quickly regain it later on.

The body type system invented by Michael Thurmond has no scientific basis, says DietMad.com. EveryDiet.org concurs, saying there is no evidence available to support the idea that different body types need different diet plans. Both diet review sites agree that any weight loss is likely due to the highly reduced caloric intake for all body types rather than any effect from matching diet to body type.

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