How Does Bydureon Help Weight Loss?


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The name brand drug, Bydureon, may help weight loss by slowing the digestion of food, which helps patients feel fuller for longer periods of time, according to the Mayo Clinic. Bydureon is a once-weekly injection intended for controlling blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetics.

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Bydureon is also known as exenatide, and is a medication manufactured through AstraZeneca. This is the first once-weekly approved injection of a drug that mimics glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). This hormone stimulates the secretion of insulin in the body, along with a few other actions, according to Mayo Clinic.

The weekly dose is made possible by binding the medication to microspheres that break down in the bloodstream over time. As they break down, small amounts of medicine are released that give patients a steady dose of the hormone mimic, according to Bydureon.

The drug also has the side effect of helping users with a small amount of weight loss. Bydureon slows the movement of food from the stomach into the intestines, so patients feel full for longer. A 24-week study found that patients on the medication lost about five pounds from a starting weight of about 214 pounds. This was with Bydureon in conjunction with diet and exercise or other oral diabetes medications.

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