Where Do You Buy Sweet Oil?

Wal-Mart and Amazon both sell sweet oil, also known as olive oil. Sweet oil is commonly used for cooking purposes, but it is also used for topical applications as an emollient or a demulcent. Sweet oil is sometimes used for oily suspensions for injections.

Sweet oil was part of the Mediterranean diet and also used as a laxative in the ancient times. It can help enhance the body’s lipid profile and lower risk of cardiovascular diseases due to its rich dietary fat content. Studies that evaluated the benefits of olive oil used daily doses consisting of 25 to 40 milliliters and eight to 70 grams, which did not result in any side effects. Sweet oil is also applied as a topical treatment to soften ear wax. Some topical creams also include sweet oil as an ingredient. Sweet oil is considered a safe product when consumed; however, too much may cause diarrhea, says Drugs.com.

The Humco sweet oil sold on Amazon can be warmed in hot water and applied as drops into the ear canal to get rid of ear wax safely. The sweet oil sold by Essential Depot on Amazon can be used for massages and soap making. It helps nourish and moisturize the skin, and doesn’t clog pores.