How Do You Buy an Arriva Glucose Testing Meter?

How Do You Buy an Arriva Glucose Testing Meter?

To order a glucose meter from Arriva, go to the company's website at and fill out the enrollment form. Once your enrollment is complete, use the online order form on the website to order or reorder a glucose meter and other diabetic testing supplies, Arriva Medical explains.

Alternatively, ask your physician to fill out a referral form requesting the appropriate glucose meter and other testing supplies, and ask him to fax it to 1-800-272-1789, says Arriva Medical. Both you and your physician must sign the form before submitting it to the company.

Enrollment in Arriva's mail-order program is free, and members can cancel at any time. The company accepts most commercial insurance plans as well as traditional Medicare and many Medicare Advantage plans, Arriva Medical explains.

As of 2015, Arriva Medical is the largest supplier of mail-order diabetic testing supplies in the United States, the company website explains. It offers several models of glucose meters for sale, as well as test strips, control solutions and a number of different lancet devices for performing finger sticks. All products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, says Arriva Medical.

Before purchasing a glucose meter online or at a pharmacy, check with your insurer, explains Glucerna. Not all brands or types of testing supplies are covered by all insurance plans, and some insurers require a doctor's prescription while others don't. Additionally, some insurers provide a discount to patients who purchase supplies through the mail.