What Do Burps That Smell Like Rotten Eggs Indicate?


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A burp that smells of rotten eggs may indicate an excess of sulfur-containing proteins being broken down in the stomach or small intestine, explains Health Hype. Some of the causes of a sulfur burp include an infection in the gastrointestinal tract, improper eating patterns, prescription medication or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, reports Medical Treasure.

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Lowering the intake of sulfur-containing foods may reduce the smell of sulfur burps, according to Health Hype. Such foods include poultry, red meat, eggs, dairy products, and nuts and seeds. Other foods containing sulfur include vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli, fruits such as avocado and banana, tea and coffee, and whey protein. Some medications may also contain sulfur.

A Giardia infection in the gastrointestinal tract can also cause sulfur burps, reports Medical Treasure. Giardia is a parasite which may also cause ulcers, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. The parasite is spread through poor hygiene.

An improper eating pattern consists of heavy protein meals and sugary foods, according to Medical Treasure. Heavy protein meals stay in the stomach and intestine longer, causing a large amount of sulfur to build up in the gastrointestinal tract, thus being released as a foul-smelling burp.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth occurs when the balance of flora and bacteria in the intestine is skewed due to an excess amount of bacteria, explains Medical Treasure. The condition often occurs in patients suffering from Celiac or Crohn's disease.

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