Is Burping an Early Symptom of Pregnancy?

burping-early-symptom-pregnancy Credit: Tuan Tuan/Moment/Getty Images

According to Mayo Clinic, the increase in progesterone levels in early pregnancy may slow digestion, which can lead to gassiness. The body removes this gas by burping and farting.

Excess gas, which causes burping, is one of the most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms according to WebMD. It is not only the hormonal surge that causes flatulence; the milk that pregnant women drink daily may also produce gas.

Gassiness and bloating can be prevented by regular exercise and avoiding gas-inducing foods, including broccoli, carbonated drinks, beans, fried or fatty foods, onions and cabbage. WebMD also suggests exercising with a doctor’s approval and eating small meals to help prevent excess gas.

Burping alone cannot confirm pregnancy. WebMD recommends that a woman take a blood test at a local hospital or a clinic. Taking a sample urine test at home or at the doctor's office is also recommended.