How Do You Burp on Purpose?


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To burp on purpose sit or stand with your back straight, and swallow air through your mouth instructs Wikihow. Swallow the air in such a way that pressure builds inside your stomach, and once sufficient pressure has built up expel the air through your mouth in the form of a burp. Having a carbonated drink helps you to burp more easily because of the gas contained in it.

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An easy way to expel the swallowed air, is to rub the middle of your back says Stepbystep.com. This action forces the trapped gases in the stomach to come out in the form of a burp. Jump or move around, suggests Wikihow, so that the gas within gets agitated.

Also eat airy foods to build up pressure easily, explains Wikihow. Some airy foods are apples, peaches and souffle. Chewing gum or hard candy also causes you to swallow a lot of air and burp more.

To burp loudly, drink the carbonated beverage very quickly, advises Wikihow. As you release the built-up gas, squeeze your stomach and abdomen muscles with your hand, and open your mouth wide to let the burp out.

Avoid Intentional burping on a regular basis as it can lead to severe acid reflux or aerophagia, warns Wikihow.

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