How Are Burns Treated Professionally?


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Treating burns professionally involves using emergency medical procedures, treating the affected area topically and internally, and recovering from the psychological trauma, according to Merck Manuals. Treatment sometimes requires outside assistance from other medical professionals.

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How Are Burns Treated Professionally?
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Caused by incidents involving thermal energy, electrical equipment, radiation or chemicals, burn wounds start after exposure, but need treatment for the wound to stop further damage. Immediate care helps the patient avoid further damage to the body by anaphylactic shock or the development of subsequent complication from bacterial infections or loss of body fluids, explains Merck Manuals.

Patients who suffer trauma associated with a burn should first visit an emergency facility. Upon arrival, fluids delivered intravenously replenish those lost at the injury site. The attending emergency physician cleans the wound, removing restrictive clothing, debris and excess material that hinder flushing of the wound site, states Merck Manuals. Shallow burns are treated with a topical ointment, but deep wounds require surgery for removal of the excessively damaged skin tissue, and grafting to restructure the skin’s appearance and function.

Following surgery, medicines are prescribed and administered to hinder the development of bacterial infections and for pain management. Physical therapy as ordered by the physician helps to maintain the range of motion at the wound site, notes Merck Manuals. Follow-up visits with the surgeon and seeking psychological help while recovering from the trauma associated with the incident determines whether the type of treatment and duration of treatment is sufficient for the patient to fully recover from the incident.

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