How Do You Get Burned Taste Buds Back?

Taste buds are constantly forming and dying, Woman's Day explains. These cells typically live 10 days to two weeks; therefore, once they are burned, they die. There is no way of bringing these cells back, but new taste buds quickly form, taking the place of the burned buds.

Woman's Day notes that when the tongue is burned, taste is impaired. After a day passes, the tongue returns to normal. The tongue has basal cells that grow and develop into taste buds. These taste buds die naturally, and new taste buds take their place. When the tongue is burned, some taste cells are killed off slightly early. As basal cells develop, they replace the burnt cells, bringing tasting abilities back to normal.

Taste buds were once a critical part of survival, according to Woman's Day; therefore, constantly getting new taste buds allowed humans to retain sharp tasting skills. Taste buds allow humans to taste their food and decipher if it is good for their bodies. Humans crave sweet tastes, as natural sugars assist brain functions. Humans are also partial to salts, as sodium helps the muscular and nervous system. Bitter taste, such as coffee and some mushrooms are acquired preferences. This is because bitter tastes typically signal poison. Trey Wilson, DDS, a New York City–based dentist states that if taste buds did not constantly renew themselves, early humans would have more frequently exposed themselves to poisonous plants, diminishing their ability to survive.